Audio CD "Рассыпала я малину"
Produced by Jana Vassilenko

Recording & Mastering: Daniel Hartmann
All songs are arrange by “Bereginja”
Drawings: Pavel Gavrilov
Layout: Ilya Vassilenko
Fotos: Ilya Vassilenko

Great thanks for direct or indirect support:
Christian Maurer, Ilya Vassilenko,
Dmitrij Taljukin, Ekaterina Ivanova, Elena Soloviova,
Karl Penzenschtadler, Ludmila Glazunowa,
Maria Messerly, Maria Bernhart, Marina Korendfeld,
Priest Oleg Batov, Maria Batov, Tatiana Gutschmidt ,
Vera Posdnjakova, Realgymnasium “Rämibühl”,
Tatiana Romanova und Galina Ivanova (U.N.O., Geneva)

1Выйду за ворота.
I will go out of the gate.
About the beauty of the landscapes at the lake, beside that the sweetheart lives.1:27
2Радость, жись ты моя.
Life, my pleasure.
A song about pain of parting: "My sweetheart, i won't see you ones again."2:38MP3 128 Kb, 0.4 Mb
3Вы не вейтесь, черные кудри.
Don't wave, black curls.
He fills himself offended by his wife and tells her, that he will die soon and it will hurt her.2:06
4Месяц по небу.
Moon at the sky.
A song of praise for the newly wedded.
The moon is the symbol of bridegroom, the bride is exalted to the mistress of the light.
5Рассыпала я малину.
I was strewing raspberries.
A song about a cheery fellow. It was sung and acted at the marrige .3:28MP3 128 Kb, 0.6 Mb
6Я на бочке сижу.
I sit on the barrel.
A comic song, that is nevertheless about a tragic situation.
1:46MP3 128 Kb, 0.5 Mb
Bird cherry tree.
A young girl bewails her destiny, because she was given in marriage despite of protest.3:22
8Черный ворон.
Black raven.
A dying solder asks a black raven to fly to the mother and bring her his blood-stained scarf.2:48
A song with dancing. It is about a hedgehog, a hare and a goat,
who came to celebrate, to drink, to look around and to themselfs.
„Chastooshka“ - a small song of two or four lines, according to the dedicated comic thema.2:42
11Не для меня.
Not for me.
A man, who is exiled in Sibirien, remembers all pleasures of life and
regret, that all this is not reachable for him anymore.
4:11MP3 128 Kb, 0.7 Mb
12Под горою диво.
A marvel at the foot of a hill.
In this facetious song a woman complains, that her man
is good for nothing but curse, lying on the oven.
2:08MP3 128 Kb, 0.5 Mb
13Вниз по матушке, по Волге.
Along the Mother Volga.
A song of barge hauler, that helps them to come over their hard work.2:46MP3 128 Kb, 0.5 Mb
14Через садик.
Through the garden.
The brothers of the marriageable daughter praise her accomplishments.1:43
15В том саду, при долине.
In that garden in the valley
A song of an orphan, who must live in the foreign country.2:44
A dancing song: "Tell us, Dunya, whom you love."2:08
17Ни стежкаю, ни дорожкаю.
Not by a pathway, not by a footpath.
A Cossack speaks with his favorite horse on a long journey.2:38
18Пора гостям с двора.
It's time for guests to leave.
A dancing song: "It's time to leave, guests" - "No, let us
celebrate one week more."
19Ой, ну спасибо.
Great thanks.
A dancing song. Guest say great thanks to the host
for a lot of beer and generally for the good reception